Thursday, February 24, 2011

Custom molding for my window

Picture 1.
I am currently in the process of remodelling my laundry room. Because its an older house (built in 1922) nothing is standard and I find myself coming across unique issues all of the time.

Today's unique issue was that one of the windows had a non standard window sill.  As you can see in picture 1, I had to fill the gap with expanding foam, but there was still a 3/8 inch lip that I needed to cover.

Picture 2.
Who ever installed the window the first time, put a 1/4 round molding on the top of it, and then used putty to fill in the gap.  I though about doing the same thing, but decided to pull out the trusty router and make a piece of custom molding for it instead.  I took a 2x1 inch board, and ripped it on my table saw to a 1x1. I then routed out the bottom using a 3/4 inch router bit, to accommodate for the odd size lip on the sill. Finally I put a 3/4 inch round end on the top to give it a nice smooth round finish.

The finished product fit wonderfully, and looks much cleaner than a 1/4 round molding piece with a bunch of putty would have looked. 

Picture 3.
In the end custom is always better than prefabbed, (or MacGyver work, unless you are MacGyver.)

Close up of the finished molding.

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