Monday, March 7, 2011

Big O Tires - Buy 2 get 2 tires mostly free

Well I finally broke down and bought new tires for my Suburban. Big O Tires was having a sale on a few select tires.
Buy two tires get two tires for free.  Sounds like a deal doesn't it? Well guess what? It is.  They did have a couple of stipulations that had to be included in order to get the deal, but quite honestly I would have done them anyway.  1st is that you had to buy their 1 year alignment package (my car needed one anyway, and now I can take it in any time I feel I need another alignment for the next year for free) and 2nd you had to buy their road hazard warranty, which I would have done anyway. 
This is what they look like on my Suburban.
I think they look great!
The sales guy wanted me to buy their BigO Big Foot A/T tires (I have had them before and I liked them) he was under the impression they were not that much more, and would be closer to what I really wanted out of my tires, but once he looked up the price (almost twice as much) he jumped on board with the Falkin Wild Peak A/T tires.  Because of the sale it was pretty busy, so it took over an hour to get my new tires put on and the alignment done (The toeing was out and so it always pulled right).  Now that the new tires are on and the alignment is done, the suburban drives smooth, quite and straight.  I ended up buying a new tires a little sooner than I wanted to, but was able to save over 400 bucks, so who can complain?


  1. Glad you got a good deal and the tires do look nice, but I think Big O should be named Big O Ripoff. I got new tires there a month ago and with all their fees, non requested services, etc. I ended up paying more than double what I expected. I guess I can take comfort in the fact a friend got a good deal from the con artists.

  2. It seems like it is always hit or miss with them. I have always had a pretty good experience with the Provo Big O. I have never once had them suggest a repair for my car other than what I came in for. Although I know this isn't always the case with other stores around the state. Ask your cousin about his Big O experience.