Monday, April 4, 2011

The lumberjack diet

After watching info commercial after info commercial on these new fad diets, I decided "Hey I am a smart guy" I should be able to come up with something equally as good.

Introducing the
"Lumber Jack Diet"

One of the problem with most diets is that they require you to eat gross things, and not eat good things like soda, candy, greasy fried chicken, fattening McDonald's, or Carl's Jr's Guacamole Bacon Burger.  Which is why I came up with the lumber jack diet.  It lets you eat what ever you want when ever you want, and still shed the pounds. 

With my patented Lumber jack diet, I was able to lose pounds daily while still maintaining my unhealthy life style. Just look at the below pictures of real people. You can look like them as well


Get started on your journey to looking like you never have before by calling (530) 428-5865

Ax, wedge, and sledge hammer
Call today and you will receive all the necessary tools to look like you want, with as little effort as picking up the phone.  For just two payments of $35.95 you can look better then you could have ever dreamed possible.  Call now and we will throw in our exclusive lumberjack tools.

Just listen to these testimonials "After doing the lumberjack diet for only 1 hour, I could practically feel my muscles ripping out of my clothes" - paid actor #1

 "With just one swing of my Ax I knew I was onto something great" - paid actor #2

So don't delay, call now and make that someone you love happy with your new found looks and physique.

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