Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Murray Moontlight Run

This past Saturday night my wife and I ran in the Murray Moontlight Run.  Yes that is spelled right.  I don't know why there is a t in the title, but there is so it makes searching for it on the Internet a lot harder (UPDATE, only some web pages have it spelled with a T, I think the actual web site has it omitted).
Some of you might say "But you hate running" and you would be right, I do hate to run, but I love doing things with my wife.  So when my wife's aunt hurt her knee and was no longer able to run the race, I volunteered to run it with her.   The only problem is that I haven't ran this far in a very very long time. So I planned to run as much as I could and just walk the rest (The older the I get the less pride I have, 10 years ago I wouldn't have given the thought of walking a second chance)

I think this was the first year they have done this race because it seemed a little disorganized.  My wife didn't get a shirt her size, so now her large shirt has become my daughters nightgown. The concept of the race was fun.  We got to run at night along the Jordon river parkway trail. I actually prefer to run at night so that wasn't so bad. Everyone had glow in the dark bands and paint on and they had black lights setup along the way to help us glow.

I am pleasantly surprised by how much running I actually end up doing, and my wonderful wife stuck by my side even though I know she could have kicked my butt.

I have to tell my brother thank you for baby sitting our kids while we were away at the race.  It was a fun night and despite the running I still had a great time, one that I will never forget.

The run was to support the battle against cyber-bullies and online harassment
For more information go to: Murry Moonlight Run

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