Monday, November 21, 2011

First Fire of the Year

One of the things I love about the winter season is being able to build a fire.  There is something magical about a fire that demands my full attention, soothes my wandering mind and brings a warmth of joy to my soul.
Last night we decided to build a fire in the fireplace for the first time this year and make smores with the kids.  Its amazing how something so simple can bring such joy to your kids.  When I told them we were making smores in the fireplace their eyes lit up and we were able to use this bribe to get them to eat dinner and clean the house. Something that they don't do very often.

After I got a blazing fire going we pulled out the old hotdog/marshmallow fire sticks and let the kids go to town with the mellows.  Lucky for us our kids usually get sugar overload pretty quick so they really only ate one smore a piece (I think they actually enjoy eating them without putting them over the fire more.)

Even though its cold outside you can always still have fun inside.  Making a fire, eating smores, and just relaxing with the family made for one great family night. I highly recommend it.

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