Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Great Deal - If You Don't Mind a Little Dirt

My local BSA council is currently in the process of replacing all of their older Springbar tents at their council scout camps, which allowed me to pick up a great tent at even a greater price.

If you don't mind a little dirt and spending a little time looking for the best tent for you, then this little beauties is the tent for you.  My brother found out about their tent sale and put his name on the waiting list (yes there is a wait.) 

 I was in need of a smaller tent, one that I would be able to take camping and put my kids in. My current tent is big, but not big enough to fit my whole family. So I started looking at some of the tents that were being sold at Costco and Sam's Club.  They all seemed like feature rich tents, but honestly I was uncertain how they would hold up to the beating my kids were bound to inflict on it. 

When my brother called and asked if I would like to buy a used Springbar tent for only $100 bucks (They list new for $419.95) I was definitely intrigued.  We met up at the Scout office and started looking through tents. They were pretty dirty and some were in worse shape than others, but after about an hour of digging and looking over tents I was able to pick the one that met my needs the best. It also happened to be the first tent I looked at.
You can see how dirty it was
All of the tents were Springbar Vagabond 4 tents, which is the perfect size for my kids. They are well made with heavy duty canvas. A Springbar tent should last years and years if you take care of them. 

I took my new tent home and set it up to be cleaned. I cleaned the outside canvas, and swept and vacuumed out the inside.  After letting it dry out I rolled it up, cleaning the bottom as I went.  Once I gave it a nice overhaul the tent looked to be in good shape.

For a $100 bucks the deal is hard to beat, even if you have to wade through a little dirt to find it.

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