Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paralyzed Utah County woman to race in Boston Marathon - ksl.com

Paralyzed Utah County woman to race in Boston Marathon - ksl.com

I have to give props to Katie who is racing in the Boston Marathon.  Reading this article just makes me stop and think "What is my problem? I can't even run a mile." So thank you Katie for your inspiration and making me Man up, I guess its time to start running.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Liquid Candy Slot Machine

In a land of "Bigger is Better" when it comes to liquid candy dispensers, no one does it better than Common Cents. 
Each fountain has the ability to mix up to 4 flavor shots into your soda, giving it a perfect mixture every time. The flavor mixing seems to be a Utah thing because whenever I travel and ask for a "Vanilla coke" or a "Cherry Coke" I always get blank stares, or a "Why would you want that?" but here different flavors of soda is very common.

Every month it seems they have a different special going on. Currently it is the 32oz drink for only 79 cents, and to think this would be considered a small (or maybe a medium) drink. With the large being 44oz and extra large being 52 or 64ozs.
I think this must be an American thing because I have never seen something like it anywhere else. For me it is great, instead of a pub I head to the local gas station for a pint (of soda)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is March Madness time, don't forget to fill out your tournament brackets

Join my "Noting But Randoms" Group. Where all you have to do is Select "Auto Pick->Random" and then save it. It will take you 2 seconds.

Just follow the link below.

Noting but Randoms

Group ID : 150802
Password: randomboys

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Nemesis has fallen

After being beat up by New Mexico in the regular season, BYUs Mens' Basketball team was able to exact their revenge tonight in a 87-76 win over New Mexico in The Mountainwest's conference semifinal tournament game. Jimmer put up 52 points by himself. That guy rocks

ESPN Sports

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Depot - Little Man Work Shop

I had to go to The Home Depot today to pick up some MDF board to make a muddroom locker cubby. (I will do a separate post about it) I took my son with me so we could have some male bonding time.  I walked into home depot and was surprised by the hundreds of kids running around the store.  I had forgotten that Home Depot does a little kids work shop the first Saturday of every month.  Today they were building Home Depot Nascar racing cars. 

We picked up our free kit and got to work.  The kit included a couple of pieces of wood that needed to be glued, and nailed together, as well as axles, wheels and stickers. 

Preston loved using the hammer to pound in the nails.  He could only get them pounded in so far and he would have to ask for help to finish them.  He was pretty excited about his car and kept asking when we could put the wheels on.

When we were finally done nailing the car together and putting the wheels on, Preston got to put on the stickers.  I mean really what kid doesn't love glue, a hammer, and stickers?

Once we were finished with his car, we were able to pick up the stuff that I needed for the muddroom project.  The whole experience just wore him out and for the rest of our trip he just chilled on the side of the cart.

What a great Saturday morning I had being able to spend it with my son. Thanks Home Depot.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Big O Tires - Buy 2 get 2 tires mostly free

Well I finally broke down and bought new tires for my Suburban. Big O Tires was having a sale on a few select tires.
Buy two tires get two tires for free.  Sounds like a deal doesn't it? Well guess what? It is.  They did have a couple of stipulations that had to be included in order to get the deal, but quite honestly I would have done them anyway.  1st is that you had to buy their 1 year alignment package (my car needed one anyway, and now I can take it in any time I feel I need another alignment for the next year for free) and 2nd you had to buy their road hazard warranty, which I would have done anyway. 
This is what they look like on my Suburban.
I think they look great!
The sales guy wanted me to buy their BigO Big Foot A/T tires (I have had them before and I liked them) he was under the impression they were not that much more, and would be closer to what I really wanted out of my tires, but once he looked up the price (almost twice as much) he jumped on board with the Falkin Wild Peak A/T tires.  Because of the sale it was pretty busy, so it took over an hour to get my new tires put on and the alignment done (The toeing was out and so it always pulled right).  Now that the new tires are on and the alignment is done, the suburban drives smooth, quite and straight.  I ended up buying a new tires a little sooner than I wanted to, but was able to save over 400 bucks, so who can complain?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Domino's provides online ordering!

I was in the mood for Pizza tonight, and it just so happened that a Domino's Pizza commercial was on. Domino's is offering a 2 topping medium pizza and 8 chicken wings for $5.99 each... I love chicken wings so I was sold. 

The problem was that I didn't even know where the local store was.  Its a good thing that I have the Internet, or else i wouldn't have found one of the coolest things I have ever seen for a fast food restaurant (or any restaurant that is)  Domino's Pizza allows you to order your food online. 

That's right You can complete your whole order online with out having to speak to a single person.  Then you just select if you wish to pick it up or have it delivered.  They even provide a way to track your order so you know when its ready.  I find this totally awesome and will have to suggest to the Daily Rock show to blog about it.  You seriously need to check this out, its worth the $13 bucks alone. (oh and you get some food too)

Domino's Pizza allows you to order online.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now that's a great idea! - Brutus Contour Gauge

The other day while wandering through the Home Depot I happened upon a tool that when I saw it my first words were "Well it's about time." 

It is called the Brutus 10in contour gauge, and its used to duplicate the shape of an item and then you can transfer that shape onto another surface. 

For those of you who have done any tile work, you might be able to appreciate the tool.  In the past when ever I have to cut around a pipe in the floor, or a toilet drain, or some odd shaped corner, I have pretty much just guessed the best I could and then fixed my mistakes with grout, or caulking. 

Now that I found this tool I won't have to guess anymore. All you have to do is push it up against the odd shape and then use it as a template onto the surface you are cutting.  It's genius, and like I said before "What it's about time."

For more information see: Brutus Contour Gauge at the Home Depot.