Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Depot - Little Man Work Shop

I had to go to The Home Depot today to pick up some MDF board to make a muddroom locker cubby. (I will do a separate post about it) I took my son with me so we could have some male bonding time.  I walked into home depot and was surprised by the hundreds of kids running around the store.  I had forgotten that Home Depot does a little kids work shop the first Saturday of every month.  Today they were building Home Depot Nascar racing cars. 

We picked up our free kit and got to work.  The kit included a couple of pieces of wood that needed to be glued, and nailed together, as well as axles, wheels and stickers. 

Preston loved using the hammer to pound in the nails.  He could only get them pounded in so far and he would have to ask for help to finish them.  He was pretty excited about his car and kept asking when we could put the wheels on.

When we were finally done nailing the car together and putting the wheels on, Preston got to put on the stickers.  I mean really what kid doesn't love glue, a hammer, and stickers?

Once we were finished with his car, we were able to pick up the stuff that I needed for the muddroom project.  The whole experience just wore him out and for the rest of our trip he just chilled on the side of the cart.

What a great Saturday morning I had being able to spend it with my son. Thanks Home Depot.

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