Friday, March 25, 2011

Liquid Candy Slot Machine

In a land of "Bigger is Better" when it comes to liquid candy dispensers, no one does it better than Common Cents. 
Each fountain has the ability to mix up to 4 flavor shots into your soda, giving it a perfect mixture every time. The flavor mixing seems to be a Utah thing because whenever I travel and ask for a "Vanilla coke" or a "Cherry Coke" I always get blank stares, or a "Why would you want that?" but here different flavors of soda is very common.

Every month it seems they have a different special going on. Currently it is the 32oz drink for only 79 cents, and to think this would be considered a small (or maybe a medium) drink. With the large being 44oz and extra large being 52 or 64ozs.
I think this must be an American thing because I have never seen something like it anywhere else. For me it is great, instead of a pub I head to the local gas station for a pint (of soda)

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